Redefining Success

The Life Changing Speech.A Must listen

KnowledgewithVivek is an initiative towards empowering 100000 medical and sales Representatives with skills required on the job. I am on my way of redefining success .

Communication Skill

No matter what job we do in life,our success will be determined 5% by the academic credentials, 15% by our professional experience, and 80% by our Communication skills.

Knowledgewithvivek is an initiative in this regard to train aspiring Medical Sales representatives by providing a platform to learn and engage to be a great communicator.

Negotiation Skills

I AM Possible

Negotiation Skill is the art by which we come to a Win Win Situation.

Let’s Learn This Art

Technical Skill

In this Course we will learn the technical Skills of detailing, Best In clinic effectiveness Techniques.How to make Sales presentation, Planning our day /Month and Year.

How to achieve Targets with ease? and many more contents…………………….

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