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7 Reasons why online writing and publishing build your brand organically for your business?

Title- 7 Reasons why online writing and publishing build your brand organically for your business?

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7 Reasons Why Online Writing and Publishing Build Your Brand Organically for your Business

Do you want to build your brand organically? Are you wondering why you should do that? What follows are 7 reasons why online writing and publishing build your brand organically.

In the era of online writing and publishing,  while most large businesses have full-on content marketing programs and blogs, it’s just as important (and easy) for a small business or startup to have a blog as well as other online writing and publishing platforms. A website alone doesn’t always offer enough information, personality, or authority to stand out from the crowd truly.

A company needs its presence in the online world by having a blog and other online mediums that can shine.

Do you know that Facebook has 340 million users in India? Although the largest in any country, an average person spends 30 minutes on Facebook, 28 minutes on Instagram, WhatsApp, or other online platforms. If you’re looking for inspiration, here are seven reasons why your company, small or big, needs a blog or other online writing and publishing platforms. This article presents the seven reasons that will blow your mind and re-think your marketing strategies.

  1. Keeps your audience updated about your business: Today, most of the traffic or the audience (80%) go online to search for products and services. Beyond your company website, a blog is a remarkable tool to keep your audience updated about your business. While a website might be more practical straightforward in content, a blog offers more flexibility to connect with customers and share updates in a way that shows who you are, not just what you do? Think of your blog as your direct communication channel. It’s a space to talk in-depth about your products and services, share timely content, and comment on relevant industry trends in a way that lets your brand personality shine.
  2. Helps in building and driving traffic: The main reason your company needs a blog is to increase visibility. So put, the more blog content you create, the more opportunities you’ll have to show up in search engines and drive organic traffic to your website.
    Blogs provide the perfect platform to boost your SEO strategies. Your business can enhance its chances of generating traffic and converting leads by creating fresh and well-written articles that incorporate long-tail keywords, images, and videos.
  3. A blog can help improve internal linking: Unlike inbound linking, internal linking is something that is entirely within your control.  I mean, there’s no reason not to use internal linking within your blog posts. It can help visitors with site navigation, pointing them to critical pages on your website. Internal linking to other blog posts and websites on your website can also improve your SEO success. The more relevant links you have, the more likely you’ll rank better, leading to more traffic and potential leads.
  4. Builds your brand and increases your visibility: You will agree that people buy from brands because of trust and credibility. However, confidence and credibility are not made but earned by increasing your visibility in the marketplace. Today 80% of the customers are going online, searching for products and services. So, your obvious choice of advertising will be the online platforms. Still, all your advertising efforts can go in vain if you have ignored building your brand visibility on the online platforms. Thus, you must be omnipresent on all the online platforms like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Blogs, and others. The best way to be active on these platforms is to create value for the customers and share it on your blog and other online media. Your content works like magic, as it establishes you as an authority, builds your brand, and earns credibility and trust in the market.
  5. It helps you get feedback from your customers: Feedback from your customers is the best way to showcase your brand to new customers and gain their trust. Good business websites do a solid job of giving customers the information they need, but they usually do it one way. There’s often no room to ask questions or comment on the content or start a conversation. Therefore, a blog or other online platforms are so influential. It creates a two-way chat with customers, leads, and industry peers.
  6. Consequently, you can encourage feedback and discussion with a more relatable tone and an interactive medium like your blog, Facebook page, WhatsApp group, etc. Having in-depth conversations with your customers is a great way to build trust and authority in your brand. Plus, it allows you to examine your business from your audience’s point of view and make changes to improve your services.
  7. Helps you build your e-mail database: E-mail marketing is still a great marketing strategy. But it’s not always easy to get people to sign up.   A blog or other online platforms can help you in your Email marketing. It ensures your business stays top of mind and helps reinforce your audience’s need to keep updated. If people find your online content informative, relevant, and engaging, chances are they’ll trust that your email newsletters are as well. So, to push them towards shining up, include internal links in both your blogs and newsletters. Internal links make it easier for them to read about promotions, new products, or business updates on your online content, mainly your blog.
  8. You can teach and explain more about your products: Online content like your blog posts allows for an in-depth explanation and teaching about what your products and services offer. For example, you could write customer case studies, explore specific benefits, or provide easy-to-read “how-to” guides on your most technical services. The more your company produces content like this, the more it will be seen as an authority in the industry. Explaining online not only builds up your knowledge bank it also breeds innovation and creativity. The more profound and more complex your posts are, the more ideas you’re likely to generate.

Conclusion– Now we have seen why online writing and publishing can build your brand organically, it’s time to conclude one thing: the best platform to reach your goal. In my opinion, and as per the market survey, I can confidently say that blogging is the one platform that can help you the most in your journey to get traffic organically. Blogging can connect all your social accounts and make you omnipresent. Blogging is a simple way to get discovered via social media. Every time you write a blog post, you create content that people can easily share on Twitter, Facebook, Linked In, and other channels. Your blog helps expose your company to audiences you might not even know yet.

On the other hand, blog content helps fuel your social media output. Instead of trying to pull new social media content ideas out of a hat, you can promote and link recent and relevant blog posts. As a result, you’re simultaneously strengthening your social media presence and bringing in new visitors. It’s a win-win. If you’re looking to reach new audiences, build your brand and stand out from the competition. Having a blog not only provides a strong foundation for your marketing, but it’s also fun and inspiring and a great way to share ideas, generate new ones, and build a community of like-minded and engaged people.

Written by: Vivek Kumar, Content Writer and Digital Writopreneur

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