How Mindset Can help you Win The Game of Thrones

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The Mindset Master Piece

One of the most famous story about mindset is the story of some elephants tied to small and weak ropes.

It is obvious that the elephants can, at anytime, break away from the ropes they are tied to but for some reason, they do not.

The question is why these beautiful, magnificent elephants just stand there and make no attempt to get away?

The Answer is– when the elephants were very young and much smaller we used the same size rope to tie them and at the age, it was enough to hold them, as they grew up, they were conditioned to believe they cannot break away. they believed the rope could still hold them, so they never tried to break free.” Now, as they do not try ,so they are stuck right where they were. This powerful and gigantic creature has limited its present abilities by the limitations of its past.

Like the elephants, how many of us go through life holding onto a belief that we cannot do something, simply because we failed at it once before? how many of us refuse to attempt something new and challenging because of our so called MINDSET.

your attempt may fail, but never fail to make an attempt…………

Now the Question is How can we Change our Mindset?

A study made by a Teacher on some At-Risk Students- (Published in 7mindset.com)

The Teacher made the students identify the most destructive limiting beliefs they had.  For example, many believed themselves to be unintelligent and lacking in the ability to succeed in school.  The teacher asked these students to write down these limiting beliefs, such as, “I am not good in spoken English.”

She then asked the students to write down a statement that represented how they wanted to feel, typically the exact opposite of the limiting belief statement.  So the counter statement for the above might be, “I am a great English speaker and I am getting better every day.”

For 8 weeks, these students were asked to identify times when their limiting beliefs were present.  When the limiting beliefs activated in their minds, they would pretend the left side of their heads had an ‘OFF’ button that would turn off the negative or limiting thoughts.  They would first gently press their left temples to turn the negative thoughts off, then press their right temples to turn on the new positive message.

Each week, the students would meet and discuss their progress.  The teacher began to see trans-formative improvements, not just in academic areas, but also with overall attitude, behavior and attendance.  The goal was to Change their mindset, which meant changing how they viewed themselves, their environment and the world.

When the process was complete, these students started making better decisions and taking more purposeful actions in the present. 

Steps To develop Your Mindset

Step 1 – Define the single most destructive limiting belief (excuse, resentment, fear or self-criticism) you have.

Step 2 – On a sheet of paper, write down the limiting belief.  For example, “I am bad at speaking in English.”

Step 3 – Write down the new positive mindset you would like to have.  For example, “I am good at English Speaking and getting better every day.”

Step 4 – Identify the circumstances that typically bring the negative thinking to the forefront.  For example, “Before you start to speak in English , when participating in group discussions or when talking with friends.”

Step 5 – When the negative thought or emotion arises:

  • Imagine your left temple is the ‘OFF’ button for the old version of you. Gently press the button to turn off the negative thought.
  • Imagine your right temple is the ‘ON’ button for the new and improved version you. Gently press that button and start saying the new positive in your mind (I am good at English speaking and getting better every day).

Step 6 – Each day, go back to your sheet of paper and write your activity for the day. 

Step 7 – Execute this process for 8 weeks (or until the new thinking doesn’t feel like such a conscious effort).  You will be ready with your new Mindset.

In simple terms, the essential moment in personal change is the moment when the impulse toward negative thinking actually arrives in our minds.

If we can understand that this impulse is a negative impulse and make conscious efforts to immediately replace it with a new, positive one, we can definitely change the course of events.

we generally set goals all day long and say our daily affirmations, but until we actually think and act differently in a positive way, real change can not take place.

The most important part of this process is that, if we are able to change our thoughts and actions in these critical moments, we systematically weaken the impulses.  Sometimes, the limiting belief is dissolved just the first time this takes place;but in many circumstances we may require more time and effort.

However, if we do this consistently, we can make this thought-replacement permanent.

By replacing these negative impulses with impulses containing the language of positivity, hope, high expectations and happiness, we can create a mindset change that improves the course of our lives forever.

As Einstein said, “we cannot solve the issues we face at the same level of thinking that created them”.

To change the results we’re getting, we must start to systematically change the way we think, and make our lives the result of our very best thinking.

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Strategies to overcome Thrones by changing your mindset, so you can break through and achieve your biggest goals in life

  1. Choose Goals that matters to You and Maintain the Commitments.
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Commitment is all it Takes

We only fail, if we stop trying, and we certainly touch success if we continue to move forward. For this reason, it is vital to set goals that matter deeply to you, and to stay focused on the benefits of achieving your goal and the dangers of coming up short, e.g. health issues related to remaining overweight.

If you want to start waking up early before sunrise, You have to make a commitment to yourself and keep trying everyday with a positive mindset, give yourself some incentives for accomplishing the goal, you may not be successful on the first day, but keep trying and never give up. Once you succeed work towards making this as your habit and fit it to your unconscious mind.

2) Be Motivated by Staying Focused on the Positives

Attitude is everything, and everything is most certainly about attitude. We all know that even the most capable people fail when surrounded by negative expectations, and we’ve all seen success brought down by those who can remain positive and continue to believe.

Find inspirational messages you can repeat in the morning, mantras you can tell yourself when times get difficult, and friends who’ll help keep you motivated and enthusiastic in your times of greatest need. Sometimes the key to overcoming challenges can be as simple as sending your brain the right message to keep your thoughts focused and optimistic.

3) Keep an eye on your energy level ,always feel, and be energetic

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Key To Positivity

Energy Level is the first key to remain in a positive state of mind,

The days when you do not eat poorly or didn’t get enough sleep the previous night are when you are most likely to feel giving up in the face of setbacks and obstacles.

Keep an eye, of how you’re feeling all the time, and be ready to do something about it. Know the foods that weaken you and the types of situations and people that drain your energy. Treat the energy you have as a precious commodity so that it will be there for you in your times of greatest need

4) Use Imaginations to Tackle Problems

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Use Imagination

Think of the person who proposed to send Man on moon, The first step that would have taken was to imaging to be on moon. Any creativity starts with immagination.

Nothing is more amazing about humans than our incredible creative abilities. When we have the confidence and courage to be imaginative, no obstacle is insurmountable. Likewise, if we ignore this incredible faculty, even the smallest roadblocks will stop us in our tracks.

5. Extend Yourself towards More Self-compassion

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Self Compassion Works

Have you ever noticed how hard we are on ourselves? We’ll give others a break, but never offer ourselves the benefit of the doubt.

When challenges arise and failure feels close, treat yourself as you would treat a child or a close friend: speak to yourself with the compassion and guidance that you’d extend to someone you truly love. Being there for yourself will help you find the inner peace and resolve to push forward in the face of adversity and disappointment.

6. Stop Comparing Your Situation to Anyone Else’s

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Just Change the perspective

Comparing ourselves to others can be just devastating when it comes to making progress. For example, looking at our bodies and comparing them to athletes or models is just useless. And yet, millions of people do it, and many give up when they can’t live up to the impossible standard.

The problem with such comparisons is that we see insurmountable gaps in where we are and where we want to be. That’s what makes it so easy to resign, give up, and settle for the way things are.

Everything we do that improves who we are benefits us forever. We don’t have to look like supermodels, but every ounce of greater health we achieve allows for increased happiness and success in our lives.

So, Stop Comparing and be yourself, be your own competitor and keep improving and breaking your own records.

7) Track Your Progress and Gain Momentum

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Keep Going ,Measure Your Progress

When we measure our Progress, we are motivated to improve more and achieve more. Tracking our debt or personal income, for instance. Others can be to track, like successfully holding our tempers or being more present with loved ones.

It is extremely important to measure progress for two reasons. The first is because knowing we’re keeping track will help us stay vigilant and focused on the target (I also recommend checking progress regularly to see how you’re doing).

It’s also important because of the human need to quantify results. Nothing is more motivating to continue, particularly with something difficult, than seeing the positive results of your efforts.

If you can’t measure things exactly , try journalising to track how your day went, how you felt, and any progress you felt you made, as well as any obstacles or setbacks you encountered – especially if you overcame them! Few things are more rewarding than consciously recognizing personal growth, so it’s well worth the time.

we can even use failures or setbacks as motivation to move forward with renewed energy and focus. This is because failures sometimes create guilt, but guilt can actually be a healthy emotion because it creates the desire to take action in a positive direction. Use this motivation to propel yourself back into the process and keep moving through whatever challenges come your way.

You can learn how to overcome obstacles by changing your mindset, and really just need to understand one key principle:

We only fail when we stop trying.

This single subtle change in your mindset will foster the constant growth we all aspire to in life!


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Keep your Mindset Positive and Be on goal.

Stey Tuned……..

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