Success Story-2

Philipe Haydon
Mr.Philip Haydon

Chairman and CEO of The Himalaya Drug Company Bangalore.

Mr.Philip Haydon a science student at St Xavier College, Ahmedabad got a job with The Himalaya Drug Company as a Medical Representative at Ahmedabad. His Father trained Mr.Haydon for the job.He had taken up the job to earn for pursuing his passion-Playing the guitar.

Starting his journey as a Medical Representative, Today Mr.Haydon has touched the pinnacle of success by continuous efforts and extraordinary brilliance. At the time when Mr.Haydon joined The Himalaya Drug Company, Himalaya had around 25 drugs in India; with the most trusted brand as Liv.52, Launched in the year 1955. At that time the Company was well known for its Drug “Serpina” believed to be the world’s first antihypertensive drug which was launched in 1934.

It was the Golden Year of 2007 when Mr.Philip Haydon became the CEO of The himalaya Drug Company Pharmaceuticals division. His Passion, belief , commitment and contribution to the Himalaya drug Company can not be measured.

Came the Year 2012 when Mr.Haydon was trusted with the responsibility of being the CEO of the entire Company. He Played a key role in transforming The Himalaya Drug Company from a herbal drug maker to a progressive and successful wellness brand across the globe boosting more then 400 brands across various categories

Today Mr.Philip Haydon has successfully transformed The Himalaya Drug Company into India’s first multinational wellness company.

Mr.Philip Haydon’s Journey from being a Medical Representative to becoming the CEO of The Himalaya drug Company is a real inspiration for every Medical Representative.

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