Success Story 3

Emeritus Mr.Samprada Singh-Chairman Alkem Laboratories

Mr.Samprada Singh Life is a burning example of hard work, courage and determination to succeed amongst all odds and hardships. Life has always thrown odds , but Mr.Sing have never seen back and continued his success journey. He has proved that he is unbeatable and he has the charisma to beat even the fate.

Mr.Samprada Singh was born in a middle class family residing in the Okri village of jehanabad district of bihar.His family was dependent on agriculture as a major source of income.Many a times his family’s conditions would go very worse as the nature’s fury would destroy the agricultural produce by his family.

Mr.Singh wanted to be a Doctor, but his family economic conditions never allowed him to follow his aspirations. With his determination and efforts he became the first ever Graduate from his village. He tried with agriculture and even started selling Umbrellas.

In the Year 1953 Mr.Singh opened a Medical store,he managed the store for more than 6 years and later on he started with a Pharmaceutical distribution company-Laxmi Pharma.

Mr.Singh did not stop hear, his undaunting aspiration for success encouraged him to start his own Pharmaceutical distribution company.Magadh Pharma in Patna.

Mr.Singh continued with his own distribution Company for about 16 years , and , later he decided to move from distribution to manufacturing of pharmaceutical products . He entered Pharmaceutical manufacturing with Aristo Labs in the Year 1970. This was a partnership that did not last longer and after a number of setbacks and failed efforts, Mr.Singh took a decisive step,that changed the entire Indian Pharmaceutical market.

In the year 1973 Mr.Singh led the foundation of Alkem Laboratories.The number of bold steps taken by Mr.samprada Singh redefined the potential of Indian Pharmaceutical Industry as he moved the indian pharma from being dominated by the foreign market to be self reliant.

Today, Alkem Laboratories develops, manufactures, and markets pharmaceutical formulations and nutraceuticals in India.The company has operations in Europe, Africa, the Asian Pacific,South America, and The United states of India.

Mr.Samprada Singh’s vision and leadership have led Alkem Laboratories to be one of the Largest Pharmaceutical Company in india and crave a distinct place for itself in the global Pharma Market.

Mr.Samprada singh’s life Journey is an inspiration for each and every Indian.

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  1. Thanks for motivation …really i stunned to saw the word ’emeritus’ but after that i realized that age is a mere number and it never be a obstacles if you have a attitude, skill and knowledge….Mr Samprda has a inspiration of no. of million entrepreneur who wants to be success in their life.

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