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Dr.Desh Bandhu Gupta-Lupin India Founder-1968 Mumbai

From a family of Teachers to being among the Richest individual…… There’s a lot of story about Dr.Desh Bandhu Gupta that inspires us to attain success with our positive mindset and ground to earth personality.

Dr.Gupta was born in a family of teachers and spent his childhood in Rajgarh,near Bharatpur in Rajasthan.His father was a disciplinarian school teacher and he was blessed to have four younger brothers and a sister.He grew up following strict values and principals.

It was all the hardships and disciplined life that Dr.Gupta led during his childhood, helped him emerse as a winning personality in future.Yes, the foundation was led by his father in his early childhood itself.His father always wanted him to come first in the class and he taught him that there should be no room to be the second best in life.

At an early age of 20 ,Dr.Desh Bandhu Gupta completed his Master degree in Chemistry ,though at his age, doing an M.Sc degree was not allowed,but,due to his extraordinary brilliance he was given a special permission by the government to complete his Master degree.He was also later awarded an honorary Doctor of Science(D.Sc) degree.

Dr.Gupta’s father wanted him to teach agriculture but he had an ambition to be a teacher at the Birla Institute of Technology and Science(BITS), Pilani. He applied at BITS and was accepted as an Associate Professor. During his teaching journey he found that there is a great gap between what he was teaching as a chemistry professor and its application in reality.

At this point of time INDIA, as a young nation was evolving and Nation building was very Important , So he decided to join Indian Army, he applied for the Direct commission in the Indian Army as a resident teacher of Chemical engineering.

But, as the saying goes, God has his own plans, even after clearing all the initial rounds, he was rejected during the medical test, owing to an ankle fracture that he had at the age of 14.

This was the turning point in his life when he got the true calling of his life: “to start something that would make a real difference to people around”

During his early 60’s Dr.Gupta moved to Mumbai with his wife, he initially worked for a few years in a british pharmaceutical company called May & Baker. But,he was restless ,as, he wanted to put science in a way that can influence and change the life of millions of people.Armed with his own conviction and knowledge that he had earned as a teacher, as a student and as a professional, he decided to begin his own business or company.

Initially he borrowed Rs.5000 from his wife and paid Rs.1000 to acquire the name Lupin. The name Lupin had some resonance with his beliefs: “The Lupin flour is known to nourish the land, the very soil it grows in. It is known to be tolerant of infertile soil and capable of pioneering change in barren and poor climes.The flower and bean pods have long been used as a source of nourishment, thus protecting and nurturing life.”

It was 1968 and after that Dr.Gupta never looked back, he continued his journey…..,to start with it was an exciting and challenging time, he had a work force of just one and a half employee, a peon-cumpacker and a part-time typist. This was the first lupin, and today Dr.Gupta’s determination and unshakable faith have made Lupin a well known multiple billion innovation-led Pharmaceutical company reaching to over more then 100 countries in the world.

During his entire journey from scratch till date Dr.Gupta has to overcome many challenges……..

Dr.Gupta’s journey inspires us to begin any where in life…….It’s never too late……..

Want to know more about how Dr.Gupta Made his journey ahead?……….

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  1. Hats off to gupta sir ….simply great….one thing that always bothers me that is our education systemshould be directly
    proportional to our earning skill or we can say our basic needs. which mr.gupta saw its initially stage any way I remember old adage to read this story is HARD WORK NEVER GOES IN VAIN. Thanks

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