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Hai, Everyone Must be thinking that what is this New journey of Successpreneure,

Every time I type this word I get an error in my writing- Yes,This encourages me to name my journey of teaching and coaching as Successpreneure, something new.

It’s a word that is still not available in the dictionary, but, creating success stories will definitely find this word a position in the world dictionary.

I am Vivek Kumar, on a mission to develop and groom 100000 sales Representatives to be a successful communicator and a successful Personality.

Question is Why I have chosen this Word, the answer is very simple, because,if a person who is his own boss, who creates his own business by progressively following and implementing a new idea can be called as an entrepreneur, then, why can’t I call a person who is passionate about learning and developing himself for some job, by his own efforts and determination,be called as a Successpreneure .

Yes, this place is for everyone who wants to enhance communication skills, writing skills, presentation skills,Negotiation skills and many other skills required for self development and improving job skills to become successful in life.

My Plan is to take onboard 30 Successpreneures and develop them in all success skills, these persons will go on to create more successpreneures and the count should go on to millions within 5 years.

Remember this is not a journey to make money, but a journey to serve by creating successpreneures across the country.

Any one passionate about this journey to self improvement and improving skills for success can join the journey through knowledgewithvivek and start making a difference for self and society.

This platform is for those who wants to learn, no matters what is their present level.

Topics to be Covered

  1. Understanding Individual goals.
  2. Training on Mindset
  3. Training on Speaking, Listening, and Reading skills.
  4. Training on Vocabulary Building.
  5. Training on Life Skills.
  6. Modules on Motivation.
  7. Understanding failure.
  8. Understanding the Importance of being proactive
  9. Finding one’s passion in life.
  10. Practice sessions.

Road Map-How and when classes will be done-

  1. Weekly Sunday sessions on webinar Platform
  2. support on mail to track the progress.
  3. Dedicated whats-app group for a daily dose of new Vocabulary and motivational messages to keep you charged and continue going.
  4. Dedicated Facebook and Instagram groups to share progress and assignments.
  5. Full support for serious and motivated successpreneures.

Want To join this Team of Ist generation Successpreneures………….

Only 30 persons allowed in the group…………………

The journey starts 5th September 2020-…………..continues for 1 Year.

Charges- Your Time for 2 hours on Sunday…………………. and…..no other charges.

How to get In- Just send the answer to 2 questions-

1) Why do you want to improve your skills?

2) Why you should be included in the journey?

( Link to application Form https://mvqusf5f.paperform.co/)

Send your answers to 9234916333 or email at – dipupop@yahoo.co.in

Link To Hindi Video-https://youtu.be/06fiLSkR7fI


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