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I can Motivate Myself .I am the creator of My Own self ,How? Part-4

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Many of us find ourselves in motivational slumps that we have to work to get out of.

Sometimes it’s like a continuous cycle where we are motivated for a period of time, fall out, and then have to build things back up again.

There is nothing more powerful for self-motivation than the right attitude. You can’t choose or control your circumstance, but you can choose your attitude towards your circumstances.

How I see this working is while you’re developing these mental steps, and utilizing them regularly, self-motivation will come naturally when you need it.



Vivek Kumar-Communication Skills Trainer
The purpose of Motivation is for self” So find it within and not outside you. Vivek Kumar

After reading this article you will be able to know the next 5 ways to keep yourself motivated from the series of  “100 ways to motivate yourself”.

This article is the 4th series of – ” I can Motivate myself. I am the creator of My Own Self, How?

Yes, You heard it right,  You can Motivate Yourself.

This article is published in a series of 5 ways of self-motivation and covers 100 ways to self-Motivation.

  1. Choose happy Few.
  2. Learn to Play a Role.
  3. Sit quietly and Talk to yourself. Stop For some time and do Nothing.
  4. Use The chemicals produced by your body, Yes, your brain chemicals
  5. Learn to lose your cool.

Self-motivation is the force that keeps driving us to achieve, improve, and move forward.

Self-motivation helps you to learn and grow – regardless of how difficult the situation is. That’s why self-motivated is such an essential tool to assist you in achieving goals and dreams.

Self-motivation is connected to how much you believe that you could achieve those targets with the skills and abilities you possess; and your expectation that if you put in enough hard work, you will succeed. In order to build the strongest levels of self-motivation, you’ll need “Self-confidence and self-efficacy.”, “Positive thinking, in the present and about the future.”, “Focus and strong goals.”  and also, “A motivating environment.”

Positive thinking is closely related to self-confidence as a factor in self-motivation. It’s crucial to treat things positively, especially when things aren’t going the way you would expect and ready to give up.

If you think that things are not going in the correct direction or that you are not even close to success, those thoughts may influence attitude in such a way that your predictions will come true. Your judgments can have a key influence on how you are going to perform, so make sure that your thoughts are positive all-time.

Positive thinking drives you to think about an attractive future that you want to realize. When you presume positive outcomes, your selections will be more optimistic, and you’ll be more likely to work hard towards your goals which helps you bridge the gap between wanting something and going out to get it. Moreover, research shows happiness increases productivity and makes you more successful

Self-motivation doesn’t come naturally to everyone. And even those who are highly self-motivated need some extra help every now and then. Your attitude and beliefs can dramatically influence the likelihood of your success.

Examine ways to improve your self-motivation, and regularly reassess your motivation levels. If you actively keep your internal motivation high, you can drastically increase the likelihood of achieving your hopes, dreams, and visions of the future.

The last thing to address is surrounding yourself with people share the same visions that remind you of your objectives, then help you with your inner motivation. These are exterior influences that could potentially get you motivated from the outside. Nevertheless, you always want more factors you have working for you.

Motivated to succeed
The Harder You work for something, the greater you will feel when you achieve it”


Let’s dwell on the Five Ways to Self Motivation-

Choose the happy few.

Just, walk away from friends who don’t support the changes in your life. Do it very Politely.

There will be friends who will not like you changing. They will be jealous and afraid every time you make a change. They will see your new motivation as a condemnation of their own lack of it. In many ways, they will bring you back down to who you used to be. Identify such friends and family members who do this. Actually, They do not know, what to do?

The people you spend time with will change your life in one way or another. If you associate with cynics, they’ll pull you down with them. If you associate with people who support you in being happy and successful, you will have a head start on being happy and successful. Throughout the day we have many choices regarding who we are going to be with and talk to. Don’t just be attracted to the coffee machine and participate in the negative gossip because it’s the only game in town. It will drain your energy and decrease your own optimism. We all know who lifts us up, and we all know who brings us down. It’s okay to start being more careful about to whom we give our time.

In his inspiring book “Spontaneous Healing”, Andrew Weil recommends:

“Make a list of friends and acquaintances in whose company you feel more alive, happier, more optimistic. Pick one whom you will spend sometime this week.”

According to a philosopher

“If I were to wish for anything, I should not wish for wealth and power, but for the passionate sense of the potential, for the eye which, ever young and ardent, sees the possible. Pleasure disappoints, possibility never.”

Learn to play a role

Your personality does not decide your future. In fact, your personality is not even determined by your personality. There is no such code in you that determines who you will be. You are the thinker who determines who you will be. How you act is who you become.

Enroll in some acting class, it would help you deal with your overwhelming stage fright. You will learn something much more valuable than how to relax in front of a crowd. You will learn that your emotions were tools for you to use, not demonic forces. You will learn that your emotions were yours to work with and change at will.

Playing a role lets you enter into a character and you get a chance to live the life of someone you are acting as, feel the character and try to visualize yourself living the full character. This experience of acting will let you know that the audience thinks, you just like the character you played in the drama. The audience is unknown to your actual self, so actually, you have given birth to your new personality as a character in the drama.

Thus this experiment will definitely make you convinced that your personality and character are not a born gift, rather it is something that you can develop in yourself by practicing and following your life consciously.


Sit quietly and Talk to yourself. Stop For some time and do Nothing.

For a long time, all by yourself, sit quietly, absolutely alone. Completely relax. Don’t allow the television or music to be on. Just be with yourself. Watch for what happens. Feel your sense of belonging to the silence. Observe insights starting to appear. Observe your relationship with yourself starting to get better and softer and more comfortable.

Sitting quietly allows your true dream life to give you hints and flashes of motivation. In this information-rich, interactive, civilized life today, you are either living your dream or living someone else’s. And unless you give your own dream the time and space it needs to formulate itself, you’ll spend the better part of your life simply helping others make their dreams come true. “All of man’s troubles,” said Blaise Pascal, “stem from his inability to sit alone, quietly, in a room for any length of time.” Notice that he did not say some of the man’s troubles, but all.

Once, during a discussion, a person asked me, “Why is it that I get my best ideas when I’m in the shower?” I just asked the person, “When else during your day are you alone with yourself, without any distractions?” As the person was honest, he answered, obviously never.

Great ideas come to us in the shower when it’s the only time in the day when we’re completely alone. No television, no movies, no traffic, no radio, no family, no talkative pets—nothing to distract our mind from
conversing with itself.

“Thinking,” said Plato, “is the soul talking to itself.” People worry they will die of boredom or fear if they are alone for any length of time. Other people have become so distraction-addicted that they would consider sitting alone by themselves like being in a sensory deprivation tank.

The truth is that the only real motivation we ever experience is self-motivation that comes from within. And being alone with ourselves will always give us motivating ideas if we stay with the process long
enough. The best way to truly understand the world is to remove yourself from it. Psychic entropy—the seesaw mood swing between boredom and anxiety—occurs when you allow yourself to become confused by massive input. By being perpetually busy, glued to your cell phone, out the world all day with no time to reflect, you will guarantee yourself an eventual overwhelming sense of confusion.

The cure is simple and painless. The process is uncomplicated. You do not need to leave your room,

“Remain sitting at your table and listen. Do not even listen. Simply wait. Do not
even wait. Be quite still and solitary. The world will freely offer itself to you to be unmasked. It has no choice, it will roll in ecstasy at your feet.” In other words, don’t just do something…sit there.


Use The chemicals produced by your body, Yes, your brain chemicals-

There are drugs that you can use to motivate yourself with and I’m not talking about amphetamine or crack (a deadly form of child’s play). Instead, you can get into those energizing chemicals in your system that gets activated when you laugh…or sing…or dance…or run…or hug someone. When you’re having fun, your body chemistry changes and you get new biochemical surges of motivation and energy.

And there isn’t anything you do that can’t be transformed into something interesting and uplifting. Victor Frankl has written startling accounts of his life in the Nazi concentration camps, and how some prisoners created new universes unto themselves inside their own minds. It might sound absurd, but truly imaginative people can access their inner chemical creativity in the loneliness of a prison cell. Don’t keep trying to go outside yourself searching for something that’s fun. It’s not out there anywhere. It’s inside. The opportunity for fun is in your own energy system—your synergy of heart and mind. That’s where you’ll find it.

Pro Football Hall of Famer Fran Tarkenton recommends looking at any task you do as fun.
“If it’s not fun,” he says, “you’re not doing it right.”

People who get high on marijuana often find they can laugh at anything.
The problem with them is that they think this kind of “fun” is inherent in marijuana. It’s not. The capacity for fun was already there inside of them. The marijuana just artificially opened them up to it. But the
physical and psychological price paid for such a drugged opening is not worth the high. (I wish I didn’t know this first hand, but I do.) The price drug users pay is this: Their self-esteem suffers because they didn’t create the fun they had—they thought the drugs did it for them. So they keep shrinking, the more they use, into greater paranoia and self-disgust. Soon they’re using the drug just to feel normal.
William Burroughs, a former drug addict and author of Naked Lunch, discovered something that was very interesting and bitterly amusing to him after finally recovering from his addictions.
“There isn’t any feeling you can get on drugs,” he said “that you can’t
get without drugs.”

Make a commitment to yourself to find the natural highs you need to stay motivated. Start by finding out what it does to your mood and energy to laugh, to sing, to dance, to walk, to run, to hug someone, or to get something done. Then support your experiments by telling yourself that you’re not
interested in doing anything that isn’t fun. If you can’t immediately see the fun in something, find a way to create it. Once you have made a task fun, you have solved the problem of self-motivation.

Learn to lose your cool

You can create a self that doesn’t care that much about what people think. You can motivate yourself by leaving the painful self-consciousness of high school behind. Because our tendency is to go so far in the timid, non-assertive direction, it might be a profitable over-correction to adopt these internal commands: Look bad. Take a risk. Lose face. Be yourself. Share yourself with someone. Open up. Be vulnerable. Be human. Leave your comfort zone. Get honest. Experience the fear. Do it anyway.

“Show me a guy who’s afraid to look bad,” said actor Rene Auberjonois,
“and I’ll show you a guy you can beat every time.” The first time I ever talked to my author and psychotherapist friend regarding my self-confidence, over the telephone, and he agreed to work with me on building my own self-confidence and personal growth. It wasn’t long into the phone conversation before he asked me about my voice. “I am very interested in your voice,” he said, with a tone of curiosity.
Hoping he might be ready to give me a compliment I asked her to explain.
“Well,” he said. “It’s so lifeless. A real monotone. I wonder why that is.”

Embarrassed, I had no explanation.   I was completely unaware and very surprised that it
seemed to her that I was coming across a voice like someone out of Night of the Living Dead.

The truth was that during that period in my life, I was living scared. Things weren’t going well for me financially, I had serious health problems in my family, and I had that mildly suicidal feeling that accompanies an increasing sense of powerlessness over one’s problems.

(I now think one way a lot of men hide their fears is by assuming a
macho kind of dull indifference. I know now that’s what I had done.
That a psychotherapist could hear it immediately in my voice was
unnerving, though.)

Trying to understand why I covered fear with indifference, I remembered that back in my high school the “cool” guys were always the least enthusiastic guys. They spoke in monotones, emulating their heroes. Shailendra was the coolest of all. He was so indifferent and unenthusiastic you couldn’t even understand
him when he spoke. One of the first homework assignments Devers my friend gave me was to
rent the video Gone with the Wind and study how fearlessly Clark Gable revealed his female side. This sounded weird to me. Gable a female? I knew Gable was always considered a true “man’s man” in all
those old movies, so I couldn’t understand what my friend was talking about, or how it would help me.
But when I watched the movie, it became strangely clear. Clark Gable allowed himself such a huge emotional range of expression, that I could actually identify scenes where he was revealing a distinctly female side to his character’s personality. Did it make him less manly? No. Curiously, it made him more real, and more compelling. From that time on, I lost my desire to hide behind an indifferent
monotonous person. I committed myself to get on the road to creating a
self that included

a wider range of expression, without a nervous preoccupation with coming off like a man’s man.
I also started noticing how much we seem to love vulnerability in others but don’t trust it in ourselves.
But we can learn to trust it! Just a little at first. Then we can build that vulnerability until we’re not
afraid to open up into an ever-widening spectrum of self-revelation. By
losing face, we connect to the real excitement of life. And what if I don’t always come off as an indifferent man’s man? Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn.


Motivation is just, within you, do not find it outside you. Spend some time talking to yourself, give yourself the extra room to organize your thoughts. Never let the Past hinder your present and never be very concerned about the future. If you can shape your present, your future is well secured, and your past can only motivate you.


Just be tuned for more ways to be self-motivated.

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