Success Story-Advocate Pawan Kumar Dikshit

The Man who valued service to society above every thing in life.

Advocate Pawan Kumar Dikshit- The Real Hero of Bundelkhand Nawada,Bihar.

“Success isn’t just about what you accomplish in your life;┬áit’s about what you inspire others to do.”

Today I am sharing the success story of a inspirational personality, who excelled not just as an Advocate,but as a social person whose focus was to serve everyone in need.

Advocate Pawan Kumar Dikshit was very much inspired by his father Pandit Sridhar Dikshit, he always tried to follow his father’s footprints.

Advocate Pawan Kumar Dikshit’s journey as a social reformer started 58 years back in 1962 when he co-founded Satendra High School,at Parnawada in the Nawada District of Bihar.

He himself was the first teacher of Satendra High School and later he took charge as the Principle of the School.

In the Year 1969,the state government came for an inspection to the school.

After establishing the school in full,Advocate Dikshit decided to follow the footprints of his father and went on to take law as his carrier. He wanted to serve the society in a different way.He knew that there were very few people who practiced law as a passion.

Finally he decided to give full charge of the school to his counter part and take law as a full time profession.

He continued to practice at the civil court of Nawada for his whole life,He was very much satisfied by his profession. He was satisfied not because of the money he earned,but,it was because of the service that he could offer to his clients,who approached him during the time of need.

He used to take assignments by judging at the severiety and need of the case and not on the paying capacity of the client. He was ready to serve for no fees to those who were in need but not able to afford money .

Many of his colleges opposed him for this attitude, but he listened to his heart and continued on his path. Yes, he was not able to make good money but he earned the love and respect of the people of Nawada.

As per the residents of Nawada “He never bothered for fee ,whatever we could give ,he accepted”

This serving attitude of Advocate Pawan Kumar Dikshit is a rare case in today’s society,but,this attitude made him stand tall and honest in the society,earning everyones love and respect.

In words of Advocate Pawan kumar Dikshit-

“Honesty is not a single day affair,it is a life long journey and we can practice honesty only if we think like the judge of our own life and not like any criminal”

Advocate Pawan Kumar Dikshit continued to serve the society all his life, he never left a chance to help others in need. His contribution to establish education institutions in Bundalkhand Nawada will always be remembered.

We lost Advocate Pawan Kumar Dikshit on 27th July 2020 .

This is a great loss for the entire society, but Advocate Pawan Kumar Dikshit leaves behind him a lot of memories and inspirations for the young generation to follow.

This article is a tribute to Advocate Pawan Kumar Dikshit who taught us to be simple in life and continue giving back to the society.

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