Success Story-11

Anand Kumar-A Self Made Mathematician

Today I am sharing the Success story of a man who did something really unbelievable.

He just followed his passion, the passion to be a Mathematician, a teacher who thinks, “education”’ is for every one who have the potential and ability, irrespective of financial position or social status.

Yes, the story is about a common man Mr.Anand Kumar  from Patna Bihar, whose potential and knowledge made him to secure admission to University of Cambridge. It was just like a dream come true for Mr.Anand and his family . The letter from University of Cambridge made his entire family feel proud and excited, his family condition was so poor that affording to attend to the University of Cambridge was next to impossible.

His father approached every one, the postal department where he worked, the local politicians and every other place where he could think to get some financial help.

But , no one came to his help, finally with a grief of not able to send his son to the university of his dreams, his father died and the road ahead became more difficult for Mr.Anand.

Mr.Anand Kumar was born on January 1st 1973, at Patna Bihar. As his father could not afford private schooling , Mr.Anand attended a hindi medium government school, where he developed his passion in mathematics during his childhood. Later on he studied in Patna High school.

During his graduation days, he submitted papers on number theory, which was published in Mathematical Spectrum. He connected with the editor of The Mathematical Gazette through letters.

After the death of his father, Anand started selling papads made by his mother at home on his bicycle to support his family and his passion for mathematics. He used to work on mathematics all the time when he was not selling papads. He even tutored students to earn some extra funds.

Anand Kumar could not get any  foreign journal on mathematics at Patna University , so he used to travel every weekend on a six hour train journey to Varanasi, where he would stay with his younger brother at his hostel room.

Mr.Anand kumar was disappointed at the time when no help came to him for his visit to the Cambridge, but, he decided to do something that can change the society and give a strong lesson to the entire education system that works only for the privileged and rich.

He believed that,  given a chance even poor and less previlaged students can give wings to their dream.

In 1992, Anand Kumar began teaching mathematics. He rented a classroom for Rs. 500 a month, and began his own institute, the Ramanujan School of Mathematics (RSM).Within the span of year, his class grew from two students to thirty-six, and after three years almost 500 students had enrolled.Then in early 2000, when a poor student came to him seeking coaching for IIT-JEE, who could not afford the annual admission fee due to poverty, Anand Kumar was motivated to start the Supe 30 programme in 2002, for which he is now well-known.

Since 2002, every May, the Ramanujan School of Mathematics holds a competitive test to select 30 students for the Super 30 program. Many students appear at the test, but, he takes only thirty intelligent students from economically backward sections, teaches them, and provides study materials and lodging for a year. He prepares them for the Joint Entrance Examination  for the Indian Institutes of Technology (IIT). His mother, Jayanti Devi, cooks for the students, and his brother Pranav Kumar takes care of the management.

The miracle lies in the fact that during 2003 to 2017, 391 students out of 450 passed the IITs.In 2010, all the students of Super 30 cleared IIT JEE entrance making it a three in a row for the institution. Anand has no financial support for Super 30 from any government as well as private agencies, and manages on the tuition fee he earns from the Ramanujan Institute. After the success of Super 30 and its growing popularity, he received offers from the private sector – both national and international companies – as well as the government for financial help, but he has refused it; Anand wanted to sustain Super 30 through his own efforts.

From 2006 to 2007, 30 out of 30 students cleared the IIT-JEE. In subsequent years, the pass rates for the 30 students at the prestigious IIT-JEE examinations were: 2011 – 24, 2012–27, 2013–28, 2014–27, 2015–25, 2016–28, 2017–30, and 2018 – 26.

In March 2009, Discovery Channel broadcast a one-hour-long programme on Super 30, and half a page was devoted to Kumar in The New York Times. Actress and former Miss Japa  visited Patna to make a documentary on Anand’s initiatives. Anand has been featured in programmes by the BBC. He has spoken about his experiences at various global-level institutes including  IIM Ahmedabad , a number of IITs, University of British Columbia,  He was also inducted in the Limca Book of Records(2009) for his contribution in helping poor students pass the IIT-JEE  by providing them free coaching.Times magazine included Super 30 in the list of Best of Asia 2010. Anand Kumar was awarded the S. Ramanujan  Award for 2010 by the Institute for Research and Documentation in Social Sciences (IRDS) in July 2010.

Super 30 received praise from United States President Barack Obama’s special envoy, Rashad Hussain, who termed it the “best” institute in the country.

In April 2011, Anand Kumar was selected by Europe’s magazine Focus as “one of the global personalities who have the ability to shape exceptionally talented people, Coimbatore. He was also awarded Maharishi Ved Vyas by Madhya Pradesh Government for extraordinary contribution in education.

All these Awards, Rewards and Recognitions that came To Anand Kumar was a result of the selfless and focused determination towdards his passion to make a difference in the society.

On 23 July 2018, according to an article in Dainik Jagran (Hindi News Paper)  only three students from the program Super 30 had passed the IIT JEE exam that year, contrary to Kumar’s claim that 26 had passed.The report also claimed that students who sought to enroll in Super 30 were pushed to enroll in another coaching center called Ramanuj Classes, a for-profit institution, on the pretext that Kumar would coach them if they performed well. Furthermore, the article alleged that by asking IIT aspirants to enroll in Ramanuj Classes, Anand made over Rs 1 crore annually.

But, the truth is truth,it comes out without any explanations………..

Former Deputy Chief Minister of Bihar Tejashwi Yadav spoke in favour of Anand Kumar and said that “propaganda is being run in media is influenced by feudal mindset to discredit and defame Anand Kumar.” Union Cabinet Minister and former actor, Shatrughan Sinha, has also spoken in Kumar’s favour on Twitter. In August 2018, The Hindu reported that Kumar and his school are frequently the target of false campaigns, and identified the potential sources of the fabricated stories that appeared in the Dainik Jagran  newspaper in July.

This success story of super hero “Mr.Anand Kumar” is a must read for every one and should reach the corners of the world ………………..


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