Success Story-14

Dr. Bhakti Yadav94 years

First Female Doctor of Indore– An exceptional gynecologist with a serving mind set .

In the age of money ,fame and glory it is really very difficult to find a personality who is serving the society for non of the above materialistic things.At the time when the entire healthcare industry is seen working to compete with each other,in the rat race of coming to the top and be the market leader, craving for money, money and money. Dr.Bhakti Yadav is really an inspiration who is still working at the age of 94 for no money,fame or glory in return.

Yes, She is just passionate about serving the society and that’s her only aim to continue with till her last breath.

 Dr. Bhakti Yadav was born in Mahidpur near Ujjain on 3rd April, 1926 in a reputed family. After completing her schooling from Ahilya Ashram School in Indore, she took admission in B.Sc. in Holkar Science College in 1948. Bhakti Yadav was in the first batch of MGM Medical College in 1952. She was the only woman in the batch. After she retired, she started treating women for free. She has been treating women for free for past 28 years.

She is the first female MBBS doctor from Indore and her inspiring spirit to serve patients till her last breath is really exceptional in the industry. In the 71 years of her career, Dr. Bhakti Yadav has helped deliver thousands of babies, without taking any fees from her patients. She specializes in gynecological issues pertaining to women.

she has exceptional skills, experience and the most important thing is that she enjoys people’s faith in her. Her Service have survived so many women even from complicated deliveries. She loves her patients selflessly and treats them like a family. People from different cities and states come to get treated by her.

Dr. Bhakti’s name is honored in various news channels and she feels extremely modest about it. When someone asked her about her age and salary, she smiled off in a humorous way by saying that ‘don’t ask me that’. She doesn’t feel very happy about the way doctors treat their patients today. According to her, it is waste of money and no heart connection with the patients. Dr. Bhakti feels that the first thing a patient needs is a human touch instead of a stressful remark.

A lady who can hardly walk and see is still confident in curing people’s health issues. Her simple touch puts the patients at ease. She has been in the news channels and whoever knows about her have high regards for this amazingly high spirited woman. In other words, she can be called as the other Mother Teresa. Dr. Bhakti Wants to continue her practice till her last breath. We found that women from Gujarat and other states come to her private clinic for normal delivery. She treats women personally despite old age problems.

Being aged, Bhakti Yadav doesn’t have much physical strength and stamina but her will power is amazingly strong. She has always extended her helping hand to all women in need. Her experience makes her a very good doctor. People have complete faith in her consultation and treatment. She is a genuine doctor who cares for human lives instead of money. Dr. Bhakti can inspire anyone’s heart that will encourages one to do something for the humanity. Her selfless human service gives a strong message to all of us. Whatever be our area of work, we must try to reach out to people who are in need of our help and genuinely help them without expecting anything in return.

The story of Dr.Bhakti Yadav is a more of Motivation and Inspiration then a success story.

Success has got a different definition for everyone, someone feels the success when he gets the desired position in life, for someone success is earning countless money and so on…….

But for Dr.Bhakti, Success is to serve humanity till her last breath……..

My salute to the great and legend lady……………

Stay Tuned for more success stories…………..

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