Success Story-8

Mr.R.C Juneja CEO & Chairman of Mankind Pharma Limited- A Medical Representative who became the biggest marketer of ED (Erectile Dysfunction) Drug

Mr R C Juneja

Born on 28th july 1955, Mr.R.C.Juneja completed his graduation in science and started his carrier as a Medical Representative in 1974 with Kee Pharma,

In 1975 he joined Lupin & worked as a First Line Manager for nearly 8 years.In 1983 Mr.Juneja resigned from Lupin and started his own company Bestochem with a partner .

Finally in 1995 Mr.Juneja withdrew his ownership from Bestochem and started his company Mankind Pharma with his younger brother Mr.Rajeev Juneja.

The story of accelerated growth of Mankind Pharma is well known to the Indian Pharma market. In just a period of 20 years from 1995-2015 Mankind Pharma traveled a journey from 3.49 cr to 3500 crores revenue. All this was a result of extraordinary supervision of Mr.R.C.Juneja and his will to make a difference with affordable and quality products.

Mankind Pharma was started with an investment initial Investment of Rs.50000 and a team of 50 Medical representatives. Mr.R.C.Juneja was passionate about bringing healthcare to the reach of common Man,by bringing effective drugs under a very affordable price. He kept humanity ahead of business and that is the reason why Mankind Pharma touched greater heights in just a very small span of time leaving behind the great pharma giants and beating the competition successfully.

Mr.R C Juneja holds distinguished positions in various pharmaceutical bodies of India. He is the chairman of Federation of Pharma Entrepreneurs (FOPE) & is also the chairman of Himachal Pradesh – UK State Board for IDMA (Indian Drug Manufacturers Association).

Mr.R.C.Juneja was accorded with Business Icon Pharma Award by Network 18 in the year 2011. He was also one of the members out of the four business magnates nominated for ‘Business Leader of the Year Award’ in the 5th Annual Pharmaceutical Leadership Summit and Asia Business Leadership Award, 2012. He is one of the richest Indians as per Forbes List of Top 100 Richest Indians October, 2013.


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