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Karsanbhai Patel Success Story | Biography
Mr.Karsanbhai Khodidas Patel

.Mr.Karsanbhai Patel, A farmer’s son who went on from door to door selling of detergent powder to establishing  a 42500 crore Nirma Group with more than 25000 employees.

Mr Patel has established himself as a Detergent Powder King.

His Success Mantra is- Always  Searching for the Value for Money

Karsanbhai Khodidas Patel was born in 1945 at Mehsana, Gujarat .He is an Indian entrepreneur, founder of  The Nirma group with presence in cements, detergents, soaps and cosmetics. In 2017 Forbes listed his net worth as US $ 4.9 billion .He has interests in education, and founded leading pharmacy college (Nirma Institute of Pharmacy), leading engineering college/ university.

This looks to be a great success story today, and, the struggle and tough time that Mr.Karsanbhai Patel have gone through during his life journey is a motivation to all entrepreneurs .

At the age of 21 Mr.Karsanbhai Patel shifted to Ahmedabad for completing his graduation. He wanted to do a job in government department; he prepared for the examinations and started doing a job in some private organization. Finally he managed to make it to the mining and geological department as a lab technician.

Mr.Patel was very happy after getting this government job at a very early age. As a lab technician he got much free time after his job , he was very interested in chemistry, during his free time he used to do experiments with chemicals. This made him very connected to his job and his passion for the chemicals. In this process of experimenting with the chemicals, he discovered a formula for detergent .This formula was very economical and effective.

He started making his detergent powder and selling it door to door on his bicycle during his free time. His washing powder was very economical and effective, so customers were very happy with his product. He started receiving very positive comments from the customers. This made him so much confident that he started telling his customers  that he will give back the money if customer is not satisfied by his product  without asking any question.

At this time Mr.Patel used to sell his detergent at Rs.3 /kg where HUL detergent cost was Rs.13/kg.The quality of his detergent was better than the detergent giants in the market.

Mr.Patel struggled very hard for three years and then named his detergent powder as NIRMA. His detergent powder was well accepted in the market and now he was getting good earning by selling Nirma detergent powder.

In the Year 1971 Mr.Patel Left his job and opened a shop for Nirma Washing Powder at Ahmadabad and went ahead to live for his passion full time. This was a big decision in his life, all his friends and relatives laugh at him as he had left his secured and well paid job, this decision was taken as a foolish and irresponsible decision. But Mr. Patel’s determination to follow his passion was unshakable and nothing could stop him from doing what he loped to do.

Slowly Nirma washing powder started becoming famous and demand for Nirma started to increase. Looking into the market condition and the increased demand for his product, Mr. Patel increased his production of the washing powder.

Due to economical price and high quality , Nirma Washing Powder started booming in all the districts and villages of Gujarat.

By this time Nirma Washing Powder had come in direct competition with other big names in washing Powder.

With all these success now Mr. Patel was ready to take Nirma washing Powder to the entire Country.He made Nirma Washing Powder available across many states of the country.

This time Mr. Patel had to go through a set back, as, the distributors in other states who had taken Nirma Washing powder did not pay and hence Mr.Patel had no money left for further production. This was the time when Mr.Patel was totally broke down, but he was determined to make a come back.

He called for an urgent meeting ,talked with his employees and took a Strategic decision to call off all the Nirma Washing Powder from the distributors who were not paying him and Started to give aggressive advertisement with a beautiful Jingal on Doordarsan.

This add had a magic effect on the customers who started demanding for Nirma Washing Powder all across the country.

Dealers and distributors started approaching Nirma for making the product available, but, this time the company gave Nirma Washing Powder after taking advance payment and with strict conditions.

The sales of Nirma washing powder started to boom and after this Mr.Patel had to never look back in life. Now He started adding more products in the basket of the company, like Nirma Sudh Namak, Nirma beauty soap and so on.

This story of the king of detergent powder “Mr. Karsanbhai Khodidas Patel ,whose determination to follow  passion in spite of all odds is a masterpiece example to all entrepreneurs who leaves their passion due to some roadblocks and never tries back.

Mr. Patel story teaches that difficult time is the time when we come out of innovative ideas and this should be taken as a learning phase.

The revolution called Nirma is synonymous with Value for Money,
committed to offer better quality products and services to the consumers.

“Come What May- The Show Must GO On”

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