Success Story-16

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Nawazuddin Siddiqui 

Nawazuddin Sidiqui ,the name well known today in the Indian Cinema ,is a classic example of a simple looking person turned into a classic actor. He proved everyone wrong who thinks that for being in cinemas and acting you need a to have smart and good look. He proved that if you have the talent within you , you can rock……..

Nawazuddin came to the city of dreams with Rs. 2,500 in his pocket and an ambition to make it big in films. But before giving him his due, Mumbai tested Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s patience so much so that the actor has now become fear-proof.

In his own words

“I have already faced so much in my life. I have seen that time when I didn’t even have a single penny in my pocket. This continued for two-three years. I used to have lunch at one friend’s place, dinner at other’s and a third friend would get cigarettes for me. I came to Mumbai with Rs 2,500. If I again face a situation where I am left with just Rs 2,500, I would not feel like a failure. I am not afraid of anything,”

Nawazudin Siddique was born to farmers family in UP on 19th May 1974,He graduated with a B.Sc degree  from  Haridwar. Following this, he worked as a chemist in Vadodra for a year, then he left for delhi in search of a new job. Once in Delhi, he was attracted towards acting after watching a play. In pursuit of securing admission at the National School of Drama (NSD) in New Delhi, he acted in over ten plays with a group of friends, to fulfill one of the criteria for admission.

Siddiqui went to the NSD, New Delhi. After graduating from NSD in 1999, he moved to Mumbai. However, like every struggle, he did not get any good job or any good role and kept appearing in small roles. He started to conduct acting work shops to earn some money. However, he got his break when he got noticed as a reporter in Peepli Live and there has been no looking back for him since then.

Siddiqui made his Hindi Cinema debut in the year 1999, with a small role in the film Sarfaros .He then acted in Ram Gopal Berma’s Shool (1999), Jungle (2000); and  Munnabhai MBBS (2003). After moving to Mumbai he tried to get work in television serials, but did not achieve much success. He did a short film, The Bypass in 2003, where he appeared with Irrfan Khan. Between 2002–05, he was largely out of work, and lived in a flat that he shared with four other people, and survived by conducting occasional acting workshops. In 2004, which was one of the worst years of his struggle, he couldn’t pay any rent. He asked an NSD senior if he could stay with him. The senior allowed him to share his apartment in Goregaon if he was willing to cook meals for him.

In 2007,his film Black friday became a nominee for Best Film (Golden Leopard), In 2009, he appeared in a role in the song “Emotional Atyachar” in the movie Dev D in his role of Rangila, In the same year, he appeared in New Year (2009). However, it was his role of a journalist in  Peepli Live (2010), that first got him wide recognition as an actor. In 2012, he appeared in  Patang : The Kite (2012) which premiered at the Berlin International Film Festival,   a role which “transformed his acting style The film was subsequently released in the U.S. and Canada, and garnered much attention with rave reviews from The New York Times.

He then appeared in Kahaani (2012), in which he played the archetypal short-tempered intelligence officer Khan. Anurag Kashyap’s gangster epic Gangs of Wasseypur followed, which added feathers to his fame. He played his first primary role as Sonu Duggal i Miss Lovely, a role Siddiqui describes as his “most real performance so far.” Siddiqui then followed this up with the Sequel of  Gangs of Wasseypur. In 2013, he played the lead role in the horror flick Aaatma.He appeared in Talash . In 2014, he played lead antagonist Shiv Gajra, in the film Kick.

In 2015,  Bajrangi Bhaijan and Dasrat Manjhi-The Mountain Man were released, and he was praised for his roles. Siddiqui received the Special Jury Award at the 2012 National film Award and the Filmfare Awards for the best supporting actor in 2013.

Celebrated author Paulo Coelho had recommended Sacred Games to his Twitter followers and lauded Nawazuddin’s work calling it “One of the best series on Netflix with the great actor Nawazuddin” .

The journey of Nawazuddin is a fair example of persistence and confidence in self that can make a difference in the society.It is a lesson for everyone who leaves chasing their goal,just because they lack some qualities.

In my opinion the only thing that we need for success is our steps taken towards our passion. Skills can be learnt, appearance can be improved and most importantly confidence can be built by regular practice and endurance.

So, if you have a dream, just keep chasing, success is bound to come……..Just start living with it……………..

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