Success Story-19

Yuvraj Walmiki
Yuvraj Walmiki-The hockey Man

Yuvraj Walmiki-The Hockey Man ,who was rejected 13 times.

Yes, you heard it right,this man was rejected 13 times by the Indian journeyer Hockey Camp ,any one can start looking other options in life if he/she is rejected more then 3 times.

It is just a normal statistics, but,he who have confidence in his abilities and strong burning desire in the heart, turns every rejection into a learning experience and keeps on adding to his experience.

Yuvraj Walmiki is one live example of such a determined player,whose commitment towards his game is far above any rejection or selection.

He was born 29 November 1989 .He is the only Indian Player to have played German Hockey League for 8 years continuously. Also he is the first hockey player to have participated in (Fear Factor) Khatron Ke Khiladi season 7. He is the brand ambassador of DGS (NGO).

Despite playing both at the club level and regional level, self-motivated Yuvraj was faced with, what he calls, the ‘most discouraging situation’ of his career till date.

He says,

“Even after being selected for the Junior World Cup team, I was not allowed to play at the last moment.”

With just two days to go, for the tournament, he was informed that he had been removed from the team, and the reason given was that he did not have much international experience.

Yuvraj recalls: “I told them that until and unless you give me international experience, how do I get it? That was the most hurting incident in my life since I started playing.”

For the next four months, he stopped playing. But he moved on. And as we look today , he just created history.

Let’s Look into his hockey journey-

 He represented India in the year 2014 Rabobank Hockey World Cup in The Hague (Netherlands ).

He played Pre World cup in The Hague (the Netherlands)

He played the Netherlands test series in Amsterdam in the year 2013 and won Gold Medal

He was the part of Champions Trophy in the year 2012 in Australia (Melbourne). Team entered semi finals after 30 years.

He won bronze Medal at Sultan Azlan Shah Cup in the year 2012, Malaysia

He woned Gold Medal in the Olympic Qualifies in the year 2012, Delhi

He owned Gold Medal at the South Africa test series in Delhi in the year 2012

he owned silver Medal in Tri-Series (India, Australia and Pakistan) in Australia in the year 2011

He participated in Lanco super series in Australia in the year 2011

He owned Silver Medal in Champions challenge in South Africa in the year 2011

He owned Gold Medal at Asian Champions Trophy in China in the year 2011

He Owned Silver Medal by representing India in the South Asian Games in the year 2010 in Dhaka

He Played for the Delhi Waveriders for the last 3 years. Won a Silver Medal in season 1, Gold Medal in Season 2 and Bronze in Season 3.

He became the first Indian Brand Ambassador for the Australian brand Ritual

He is the Brand Ambassador for Do Good Sports (NGO) in Mumbai

He is the only Indian Player to play in German Hockey League for 4 years continuously

He is the highest Goal scorer in German League for 2 years – 2010 and 2011

He is the best Player in Mumbai Hockey League from the year 2004 to 2007.

All the above achievements would have not been a reality if Yuraj Walmiki would have given up even after his 13th rejection.

So, the message is clear that we must keep chasing our dreams in search of that one day which will start our journey towards success.

Perseverance is the key to Success

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